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Como equivalente de la palabra Ugrio referida al pueblo, en el libro de los emperadores sale Ongrio y su país es Ongría.--EBRO 11:01 20 ago 2008 (UTC)

Sorry for writing in English, but I don't speak your language. I'm just curious why you guys do not accept a backlink within Wikipedia, but on a different language. I mean, is it not better to have at least some information about something/someone, even if on an other, but common language, like English than to have no information at all? I ask this question because my editing, regarding the Hungarian president (which was linked to the English wiki page, since there wasn't any on your language) has been erased.

I do know how Wikipedia works, but many people don't. When they click a Wikipedia internal link withing a page and they get to an empty page telling them that it doesn't exist, they usually give up and try looking someplace else for the information they need. But if you link back to the English version, at least they will have some information about the subject they've been looking for. If they do speak in English, then it will be useful for them. If not, they can still try using an online translator that would help them to understand it more or less. And once you have a version in your language, you can, indeed, change the link to the appropriate language page... What is it that you don't like about it?

Ussually people who looks for information in aragonese language don't look information about Hungary. We write about aragonese, spanish en french topics more than other topics. We fill the enciplopedy with other topics whith short articles, in spetial with an onomastic interest, (in exemple how is said in aragonese hongaro ("hungarian"), crovate ("croatian"), comán ("cumanian"), alán ("alanian"), Domás ("Damascus"), etc...If in the english wikipedia don't have inner links to extended-aragonese articles of local topics, we don't have inner links of english articles of other local topics, and if we see it in red, an aragonese user can write it if he is interested in it.--EBRO 07:51 22 chi 2010 (UTC)
Antiparte, ta veyer informacions en anglés ya ye a Wikipedia en ixa luenga. Iste procheuto ye nomás ta leyer textos escritos en aragonés, y nomás cal enlazar textos en ista luenga (u os que amanixcan á o piet de l'articlo en os Se beiga tamién). Á más, o vinclo en royo fa que se sepa que ixe articlo ye pendient de creyación, y ye l'unico estrumento que tenemos os colaboradors d'iste procheuto ta veyer que cal creyar-lo. Cal parar cuenta que a Biquipedia no ye una sucursal de dengún atro procheuto en cualsiquier luenga, sino un procheuto independient. --Manuel Trujillo Berges 08:29 22 chi 2010 (UTC)
Mmm...Firstly, we are trying to create an encyclopedia in Aragonese language, not an English one. Apart from the fact that not all the people who speak Aragonese (or even Spanish or another romance language) speak English, red links encourage users to create new articles. I mean, suppose that you're searching for Hungarian president, or even better example: you are Hungarian and you're looking up your town in Aragonese Wikipedia... if you find a link to another language like English or Spanish probably you say: "OK, I got the info...oh! and this Wikipedia version is better than Aragonese one...oh my god! what an amount of information! what the hell? Why I was wasting my time with Aragonese Wikipedia?"... On the other hand, imagine that you find a red link...and you say: "Oh! There's no article here about my town!... What the f***?...I'm going to create an article right now!" LOL yes! that's the truth and we've proved it here, maybe a small Wikipedia like this have a very different working compared with big Wikipedias... I think that you understand me... In my opinion that's the objetive of Wikipedia, let the people create an encyclopedia... Now, I encourage you to create your president article if you want! Just take another president article like this and change data...(of course we'll revise article, don't worry about it) it's easy! ;-D. Regards --Willtron (?) LinkFA-star Aragon.svg 17:57 22 chi 2010 (UTC)

Hongría / Ongría[editar código]

Seguntes isto, a etimolochía sería sin h-, pero claro, en latín tamién lo fan servir con h- (veyer interwiki en latín). Bueno, que quiero deixar constancia d'o dandalo.--Juan Pablo 22:55 8 mar 2010 (UTC)