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If you want to change something in the article članak about your language, even the title, before you must write your arguments in the discussion page of that article (razgovor in croatian) and give the reasons there. I must also say that in some wikipedias we find the denomination that you don't like: bg:Бошняшки език, sr:Бошњачки језик, hr:Bošnjački jezik, it:Lingua bosniaca, lmo:Lengua_bosniega, ro:Limba_bosniacă, gl:Lingua bosníaca, sq:Gjuha boshnjake, hu:Bosnyák_nyelv, always with the -aco suffix of gentilices and with the open possibility that the other name ended in -ski is also acceptable. I haven't seen your interventions in most of those articles in the bigger wikipedias of other countries nearer Bosna suchs as Albania or Hrvatska. We are too daleko from Bosna to enter in controversys about the status of the languages that before were clasified under the category of Srpskohrvatski jezik, I think that the only disagreement between us is the title of the article. Doviđenja. Mi ćemo razgovoriti.--EBRO (descusión) 20:55 20 avi 2017 (UTC)

I think you know the reasons why our neighboors call the Bosnian language as "Bosniak". In all other wikipedias the language is described with the correct form, also in Spanish wiki. Also i think that you should respekt the correct term of the Language, Bosniaks don‘t describe their language as „Bošnjački jezik“ as it is shown in the aragonese wiki. Please fix that, this is totally false as it is now described in this version. --Aždaja (descusión) 09:01 21 avi 2017 (UTC)
There is the discussion page [1] where you can explain it and where you can give your sources, you can see there an explanation of the criteria dating from march.--EBRO (descusión) 14:47 21 avi 2017 (UTC)