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The LocalisationUpdate extension has gone live[editar código]

The LocalisationUpdate extension is now enabled for all Wikimedia projects. From now on new localisations that become available in SVN will become available to your project within *** hours. Your localisations get into SVN from typically within a day and at worst in two days. This is a huge improvement from the old practice where the localisations became available with new software. This could take weeks, even months.

The localisations done by our community at are committed to SVN typically every day. When the system messages in English are the same as the local messages, they will now be inserted in a file and are available for use in all our projects in a timely manner

What this means for you[editar código]

Local messages have an impact on the performance of our system. It is best when messages are as much as possible part of the system messages. In order to remove unnecessary duplication, all the messages that have a local localisation and are exactly the same as the system message will be removed. What we ask you to do is to compare and proof read the messages in and the local messages. You can then either remove local messages when the message is to be preferred or, you can update the message at

Messages that are specific to your project will have to stay as they are. You do want to check if the format and the variables of the message are still the same.

Why localise at[editar código]

When you localise at, your messages will be used in all Wikimedia projects and eventually in all MediaWiki based projects. This is how we provide the standard support for your language. When messages change, at you will be prompted to revisit your translations. Localising is more efficient because we have innovated the process to make you more efficient; there is text explaining about messages and we have applied AJAX technology to reduce the number of clicks you have to make.

Interfaz en a nueva ortografía[editar código]

Encara que levo bellas semanas sin editar guaire por aquí, os pocos ratos que he puesto quitar ta istos quefers, los he adedicau a cambiar totz os mensaches d'a interficie/interfaz t'a nueva ortografía. Creigo que iste cabo de semana ya s'ha esviellau a versión d'o software y que habrían de salir totz os menús y cadenas de texto de l'interfaz en a grafía nueva. Por tanto, si veyetz bella cosa en grafía antiga, ya me lo diretz ta correchir-lo.--Juan Pablo 22:36 13 chun 2010 (UTC)

Traducción de plantillas[editar código]

Querría que belún que sabese traducise a plantilla en:Template:German_diaspora, que prebando de fer-lo con o exemplo de plantilla:Países checos me se fa dificil. Esta plantilla la necesito pa os articlos saxons transilvans, suabos d'o Danubio, alemans d'a Mar Negra, Alemans d'a Volga, Alemans d'a Republica Checa, Alemans prusians y atros.--EBRO 13:55 21 feb 2011 (UTC)

Yo lo feré... ista nueit u probablement maitín a o mas tardar --Willtron (?) Estandarte de la Corona de Aragon.svg 15:07 21 feb 2011 (UTC)

Plantilla Baixo As Peñas[editar código]

Ola, he metiu l'articlo {{A Espuña}} en o parlaje de Baixo Peñas, y no he puesto meter-ie a plantilla güen, no sé porque no i sale como as demas tipo: "Iste articlo ye escrito en Belsetan". Aspero aduya, por fabor.

Ye que ixa plantilla no existe... y d'atra man l'articlo ye escrito en estándar, asinas que tampoco no caldría meter-la --Willtron (?) Estandarte de la Corona de Aragon.svg 07:38 8 set 2011 (UTC)

¿Y no podez fe-la? L'articlo yera fecho n'estandar, dimpues fize yo bells cambeos pa fe-lo n'ixe dialecto.

Language support group for Aragonese[editar código]

The Wikimedia Foundation has brought together a new team of developers who are dedicated to language support. This team is to support all the languages and consequently it is not realistic to expect that the team members can provide proper support for your language. It is for this reason that we are looking for volunteers who will make up a language support team.

This language support team will be asked to provide us with information about their language. Such information may need to be provided either to us or on a website that we will indicate to you. Another activity will be to test software that will likely have an effect on the running of the MediaWiki software. We are looking for people who clearly identify their ability. Formal knowledge is definitely appreciated.

As much of the activity will be concentrated on, it will be a plus when team members know how to localise at Thanks, Gmeijssen 04:45 15 oct 2011 (UTC)

The Wikimedia Developer Summit wants you[editar código]

The Wikimedia Developer Summit is the annual meeting to push the evolution of MediaWiki and other technologies supporting the Wikimedia movement. The next edition will be held in San Francisco on January 9–11, 2017.

We welcome all Wikimedia technical contributors, third party developers, and users of MediaWiki and the Wikimedia APIs. We specifically want to increase the participation of volunteer developers and other contributors dealing with extensions, apps, tools, bots, gadgets, and templates.

Important deadlines:

  • Monday, October 24: last day to request travel sponsorship. Applying takes less than five minutes.
  • Monday, October 31: last day to propose an activity. Bring the topics you care about!

More information:

Subscribe to weekly updates:

MKramer (WMF) (talk) 19:07 14 oct 2016 (UTC)