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Enabling a machine translation support in your Wikipedia[modificar o codigo]

Hola Aragonese Wikipedians!

Apologies, as this message is not in your language, Por favor, ayuda a traducir a tu idioma.

The WMF Language team plans to introduce a machine translation (MT) support called MinT to the Content and Section translation tools. As MinT translation service may be providing limited support for your language, we want to make sure it is useful for your translation work. For this, my team would like members of your community to:

  • Test the machine translation support in a test instance. You can paste multiple pieces of content from different Wikipedia articles and check whether the provided result is a useful starting point for a translation.
  • Please provide us with specific feedback on the machine translation quality. Let us know if the translations are accurate, maintain the original meaning of content, and are grammatically correct enough to be a good starting point for your Wikipedia or not.

MinT (Machine in Translation) is a machine translation service hosted in the Wikimedia Infrastructure. It is designed to provide translations from many MT models. The model available for your Wikipedia is the MADLAD-400 open-source translation model; it is available in the test instance for you to use it (translate sentences and paragraphs from articles) and let us know in this thread if the quality of the automatic translation generated is okay to enable it in Aragonese Wikipedia.

Our plans to enable the machine translation support

We plan to deploy the MT support by the 22nd of April 2024 if there are no objections from your community to having the translation support.

We look forward to getting your feedback in this thread before the 22nd of April, as we need to be sure we are providing a support service that is useful in your translation work. Thank you!

UOzurumba (WMF) (descusión) 19:59 8 abr 2024 (UTC) On behalf of the WMF Language team.[responder]