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Good evening and happy new year![modificar o codigo]

Hello, I hope that you are doing fine. I wish you a happy new year 2021, hoping that everything will improve soon for everyone. I am writing to you because I am trying to collect short videos (maximum 15 seconds) of wikipedians in their native language saying a few things freely (the easiest thing is probably introducing oneself and talking about the work/link with Wikipedias or something more creative, displaying monuments, places or elements of your culture/language/region/country) and then wishing in Catalan "Bon aniversari" and/or "per molts anys" (that is "for many years") in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Catalan Viquipèdia. I would be honored and pleased to count on you and let Catalan people know about your language and wikipedia! :) I will tell you more about it if you should be interested. Take real care and have a great week! Claudi/Capsot (descusión) 22:38 10 feb 2021 (UTC)Reply[responder]