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Your card on the expansion of the Vikings ... (green) is false.[editar código]

Look at Normandy, there is even a date: 911. Map, submitted by Toony on 21 November 2007, replaced by a drawing card, for Fraalambert January 13 2008. Which are copies of cards and Territories voyage of the Vikings, the director Bogdan Giuşcă / Wikipedia in 2005. This map incorrect (protected by copyright [sic], only a wasteland into wishes! What about the ethics of seeking always Wikipedia references), it is a recovery in crude map page 56 of the album, "The Vikings" by Michael Gibson (Editions Nathan 1977), which is a bad rehash of the sise p. 129, in "The Vikings" (editions Hatier 1966), which is a truncated map of the original English edition of "The Vikings" (Watts & Co ed. 1966), including a study of Etienne de Beaurepaire & Jean Adigard des Gautries (which you can see an excellent 34 page copy of "Heimdal" No. 1), also well reproduced in "Die Wikinger Saga," p. 30, Rudolf Pörtner, ed. Econ Verlag GmbH 1971 & 1974 Arthème Fayard, and P. 11 "Heimdal" No. 16, p. 9 No. 29, & p. 20 "Viking Normandie, ed. Copernic 1979, Jean Mabire / Georges Bernage / Paul Fichet p.90 and "The Vikings" by Maurice Gravier ed. Lidis 1984. If you are keen on history, you know that the future (High) Normandy was "sold" to the head Rollon Vikings in 911, by the French King Charles the Simple, where the Vikings had indeed conquered skillfully on the French. But what do we see? The green color, which locates, is put on the (Lower) Normandy ... So why not take the good cards in such a choice of editions? This lack of serious historical présageait it a lack of knowledge on the part of editors and / or editors of Wikipedia. For it is only 924, that Raoul of Burgundy (king of France in 923/936), the successor of Robert I (922/923), himself a replacement for Charles the Simple (922 imprisoned for having "sold" Normandy Eastern stupidly called Haute-Normandie nowadays), is forced to turn to cede Normandy Western (stupidly called Lower Normandy today, disregarding that dialect Norman Bass mean "servant") to Rollon. QED! So: Remove this pseudo card, which is historically false, misleading and geographically. The (High) Normandy fortunately does not form part of the "Large" Paris. Thank you! This request is justified and will not be debated. Shortly chaut me that this card is from a truncated administrator; tors when it fades in and withdraw the pseudo card. Gwyonbach To Normandy

Celebro que por fin el usuario se haya enterado que el borrado de información no suficientemente explicada por parte de un usuario anónimo es siempre considerado vandalismo y se haya decidido a hacer lo que se debe hacer, que es explicar las razones del cambio. Sin embargo, desde la Biquipedia en aragonés es imposible borrar la imagen como parece quesolicita, algo que sólo puede pedirse y hacerse donde está, que es en Commons. Por lo demás, a pesar de las desafortunadas maneras del comentario (no firmado) del usuario Gwyonbach, el fondo de su información sí que es correcto al menos en cuanto a que el mapa contiene al menos una incorrección, ya que presenta como perteneciente a los normandos en 911 una parte equivocada de Normandía. Reitero que el resto de consideraciones sobre el copyright del mapa o su historia es en Commons donde debe comentarse, nunca aquí. --Manuel Trujillo Berges 16:08 15 chun 2009 (UTC)