Brian Houghton Hodgson

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Brian Houghton Hodgson
Información personal
Calendata de naixencia 1 de febrero de 1800 (u 1801)
Puesto de naixencia Prestbury (Cheshire, Reino Uniu)
Calendata de muerte 23 de mayo de 1894
Puesto de muerte Londres (Reino Uniu)
Ocupación etnologo, naturalista.

Brian Houghton Hodgson, naixiu de Prestbury (Cheshire, Reino Uniu) lo 1 de febrero de 1800 (u 1801)[1] y muerto lo 23 de mayo de 1894 en Londres, estió un naturalista y etnologo anglés que treballó en Nepal y India.

Obras[editar | modificar o codigo]

  • Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian Subjects. (1880).
  • Essays on the languages, literature, and religion of Nepál and Tibet. (1874).
  • Comparative vocabulary of the languages of the broken tribes of Népál. (1859).
  • Papers relative to the colonization, commerce, physical geography, &c. ... (1857).
  • Route of two Nepalese Embassies to Pekin with remarks on the water-shed and plateau of Tibet. (1856).
  • Route from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to Darjeeling in Sikim, interspersed with remarks on the people and country.(1848).
  • Essay the first. (1847).
  • Preeminence of the vernaculars. (1847).
  • Catalogue of Nipalese birds between 1824 and 1844. (1844).
  • Illustrations of the literature and religion of the Buddhists. (1841).

Referencias[editar | modificar o codigo]

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