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Hello. We noticed you are reproducing one formula of article once and again in all of your contributions, which is not a bad proceeding when that formula is right, but instead your recent articles read as if all of those personalities were literally 'a male american actor and singer', what is not true in all cases (Ian McShane is known to be an english actor, not american; it's obvious that Danielle Harris is not an actor but an actress, etc.). I supposed you don't speak aragonese, so I suggest you stop starting so many of them at a time and you place the {{Correchir}} template on those you start, as one of our correctors will need to examinate them.--Lascorz ~ Casa nuestra~Casa mía ('kjez'rez?) 12:11 8 may 2012 (UTC)[responder]

Ista ye a pachina de descusión d'un usuario anonimo que encara no ha creyau una cuenta, u no l'ha feito servir. Por ixo, hemos d'emplegar a suya adreza IP ta identificar-lo/a. Diferents usuarios pueden compartir una mesma adreza IP. Si vusté ye un usuario anonimo y creye que l'han escrito comentarios no relevants, creye una cuenta u identifique-se ta privar confusions futuras con atros usuarios anonimos.